Analysis Of The Movie Contact

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Session four Writing Assignment
In the movie Contact, after the tragic loss of her father and mother, Doctor Eleanor Arroway finds herself questioning her faith in God. As a scientist, she spends most of her adult life trying to find evidence of extraterrestrial life on other planets. The film not only touches your heart but also gives you the insight into her atheist worldview and the reasoning behind her beliefs. The movie makes a connection between religion, science, and politics.
Although I personally do not share Ellie’s worldview as an atheist, I can relate to her confusion ,feeling that she had been dealt a poor hand in life. She lost both of her parents as a young child. The most tragic incident was when Ellie rush to save her father
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The news takes the media by storm, leaving Doctor Ellie with the desire to be part of the first mission to make physical contact with extraterrestrial life. While taking the necessary tests and physiological reviews, Ellie is questioned about her faith in the Lord. After admitting that she does not believe in a God, the decision is made for her not to attend the trip. After a tragic terrorist attack destroying the shuttle and everyone in it, the trip was canceled. Evil had once again worked its way into Ellie’s life. Therefore, get rid of all moral filth and the evil that is so prevalent and humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you.( John …show more content…
Ellie decided to risk her own life, just to obtain facts or some shred of evidence that there is something bigger than us. In search of the truth, Ellie volunteered to ride alone during the mission. What she experienced on the journey, she could not put into words. What she felt was an eighteen-hour trip, the world saw a failed mission lasting only a few seconds. She encountered a world of peace and beauty, and now had the proof she needed to become a believer. After meeting an alien who took form as her father, she finally had an understanding to all of the answers she has been in search for. While being scrutinized during an interview regarding her experience during the mission, she could only tell the world the truth. She had in fact experienced contact with the aliens, and it was a life changing, faith altering event that she would never

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