Analysis Of The Movie ' Cold Blood ' Essay

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In 1967 a year after the first release of the book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote Richard Brooks released a film adaptation of the nonfiction novel. Both the movie and the book were based on a real life murder of a family of four living in Kansas City. Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, two men who had previously been to jail, were the central focus of the novel. Richard Brooks infused strikingly similar dialogue between characters and key events into the movie, although many minor details were lost. Because of the extraction of these details the overall mood is less intense than the book. Other characteristics of the movie were in enhanced in relation to the book through camera usage and music choices. When books in one language are converted into another some of the translation is lost along the way, and the same thing happened with the film adaption of In Cold Blood. Many characters such as Mrs. Hideo Ashida, Adrian Jonathan Daniel, and Mr. Helm were excluded from the movie. These characters had a significant impact on how the reader perceived the Clutter family, and how the murder of this family affected the outside community. Mrs. Hideo Ashida’s character conveyed to the reader the Clutter’s family genuine friendliness. On page 40 Mrs. Hideo Ashida recalls the first time she had met the Clutters, “ She had met them on her second day in Finney County; it was the day before Halloween, and he (Mr. Clutter) and Kenyon had come to call, bringing a load of pumpkins…

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