Analysis Of The Movie ' Cloud Atlas ' Essay

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While not subtle with its themes, the movie Cloud Atlas was a wonderful watch, rich in its motifs and message, without coming off as pretentious. The film presented six different stories. One of a young businessman named Adam Ewing in 1849 who, on a ship journeying through the Pacific Islands home, is being poisoned by a doctor who is stealing his valuables. Ewing also manages to save a stowaway slave after convincing the captain of the ship to let the former slave join the ship’s crew. Robert Frobisher, a young English composer in 1936, who finds work under a renowned composer and eventually through sacrifice comes to composes his own masterpiece. Journalist Luisa Rey in 1973 San Francisco, who uncovers and attempts to expose a plot to use a nuclear accident, which would result in many deaths, for the benefit of oil company executives. Publisher Timothy Cavendish in London 2012 who’s brother locks him up in a retirement home, the movie following his attempt at escape. The story of Sonmi-451, a human clone built for slave labor in a future dystopian world who recounts her story of escape and her involvement with a rebel organization. And Zachry Bailey who lives in a primitive post-apocalyptic society and is plagued by visions of a demonic figure called Old Georgie, who urges him to give in to his fears. As such, this paper attempts to explore the worldview presented by the movie, taking into consideration outside factors, such as cultural and economical and contrasts this…

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