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Civil War Wives is a non-fiction novel describing the hardships and behavior of three very brave women, who lived through the civil war. The story goes into detail of the lives of Angelina Grimké Weld, Varina Howell Davis, and Julia Dent Grant. They are southern, high class, slave holding women. Civil War Wives explains that most of the women of this time understood exactly what was going on around them. Their experiences and opinions help to shape yet another side of the civil war. A common theme that Berkin expresses throughout the book is mentioned in her thesis, “They were, to a great extent, accidental heroes, but heroes nonetheless.”1 This idea of heroism is presented in the story of Angelina Grimké Weld continuously.
Berkin makes numerous valid arguments supporting her thesis. She is a credible source and, “she is an expert on the subject of women’s history in colonial America.”2 She begins her novel with the story of Angelina. This is perhaps the strongest character in the story. Berkin expresses the hardships Angelina encountered during her fight for abolition and women’s rights. Angelina Grimké Weld, “becomes one of the most effective antislavery speakers of the 1830s.”3 She was also one of the first and few Americans to fight for women equality. Berkin inserts these two foundation pieces to just begin describing the heroism behind this women. She explains how being married to Theodore Weld both helped open and close doors of opportunity.
Angelina Grimké Weld…

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