Analysis Of The Movie ' Christmas ' Essay

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Christmas is a time where families come together to share in the christmas joy.Richard Rodrigues shows the negative impact of a newly wealthy family, and the change in the dynamic that the material success has brought. The once proud parents who always wanted success for their children have seen less and less of their kids, and the effect of that is conveyed in the detailed interaction between the members of their family. Sibling’s success that allows them to buy such expensive items has taken them away from their family and holidays have become a routine rather than a genuine interaction. Rodriguez himself also notices the emptiness in their relationship both between himself and his parents and everyone as a unit. In the passage Richard Rodriguez uses language and details of his parents, siblings, and he to convey the emptiness and separation that material success has on a family.

The parent in the passage has seen the distance between the members of their family and the emptiness in their interaction brought on my material success. The mother has always wanted her children to grow up and be rich and able to afford luxury items. She dreamed of them buying her lots of presents and “a big fur coat.” They were most likely not able to afford such things for themselves at the time and she wanted more for her family. Rodriguez uses details like the fur coat to present the contrast in the mother. Now with her wealthy children, she “stands with a coat over her shoulders…

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