Analysis Of The Movie ' Catfish Dinner ' Essay

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On my first day with Dustin we drove in circles around his neighborhood. I watched as Dustin opened the door, jumped into the back seat, and with a huge grin said “Hey ‘Corline.’ Good day!” He threw his book bag and lunch box to the other seat, kicked off his shoes, and buckled his seatbelt. “Music please! Catfish dinner!” he screamed. Not knowing exactly what he is talking about, I Googled ‘catfish dinner.’ Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” came up in the results. Luckily, I had that song on my phone. I pressed play. “Louder please! Jam Out!” I cranked up the music and drove around the neighborhood for fifteen minutes and listened to the same song five times while Dustin danced and sang, emphasizing ‘catfish dinner’ every time the chorus played.
This was not my first experience as a direct support worker. However, caring for Dustin, an 11-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before. My time with Dustin centered around his behavioral issues. Dustin proved to be the king of rebels, with constant profanities, locking me out of the house, and hardly ever following direction. Aside from the behavioral issues, I gave a true effort to make him feel as an equal by being as patient as possible and listening closely to everything he had to say. Through interacting with Dustin on this personal level, I began to understand the importance of recognizing and encouraging Dustin’s strengths opposed to focusing on his weaknesses. It is…

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