Analysis Of The Movie ' Call At Sleep ' Essay

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Movie Analysis
Before I Go To Sleep

1 and 2) The Director of the movie call “before I go to sleep” is Rowan joffe. The story takes place mainly inside in the house. The main character Christine suffers from a memory condition called anterograde Amnesia, she wakes up every morning with a man she doesn’t know; she wakes up without any memory about her life. She asks him “who are you,” because she don’t remember anything, he explains her every morning that he is her husband Ben. He tells her she had a car accident and had damage in brain also had a son name Adam and he died. Christine receives a phone call from Dr. Nasch, a neurologist at a local hospital and treats her to remind about the camera to record and watch the video to help her memory. The man who she lives with also had told her that she had a best friend name Claire, and then she wonders more. As she starts to find the truth about her past life she starts to question’s many things. 2nd) The movie has many key events, but to use with psychological idea there are some that matters with that said, the first one is Christine finding out that she was suffering from anterograde amnesia, the second key event is when finding out she had a son name Adam and he was not dead: Ben (Mike) had told her that they had a son and he died but later on she finds out that her son was alive. The third key even is when she finds out that Mike was not her husband Ben: He had been lying all this time and telling her every morning that he…

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