Analysis Of The Movie ' Boyhood ' Essays

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The movie “Boyhood” represents a seemingly perfect depiction of child development in a boy from ages 6 to 18. This movie is very relatable to viewers because the experiences of both Mason and his sister Stephanie are experiences every child faces from childhood to adolescence. Over the course of the movie you are able to analyze normative development in several different aspects of Mason’s life, as well as some non-normative events. More importantly, viewers are able to take notice on the effects of family and home relationships on development. Mason, the main character, experiences several broken families throughout the movie and does not have a stable family background which undoubtedly plays a key role in his development.
Over the course of 12 years, Mason experiences drastic physical development. There is a scene on the movie where the children’s father, Mason Sr., takes the children bowling. Sam who is 8 at the time seems to go up and bowl with ease, while Mason has a harder time and ultimately misses. Mason who is only 6 during this scene shows normative physical development as children between ages 5 and 6 show uneven perceptual judgment (Feldman, 108). According to Feldman (2014), children ages 6 and older have increased coordination especially for activities such as throwing and catching. Due to Sam’s age she had a developmental advantage over Mason with regard to her gross motor skills. During his teenage years you are able to evidently see the effects of puberty…

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