Analysis Of The Movie ' Black Swan ' Essay

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In the movie, “Black Swan”, Nina Sayers struggles with a series of symptoms spawning from a combination of stress, paranoia, and possibly genetic predisposition. They interfere with her social life and to some extent, her occupational field. As the movie progresses, they increase in severity and frequency. These symptoms match those of schizophrenia, a severe disorder in which people lose touch with reality and experience a mix of hallucinations, delusions, and/or disorderly thinking.
She shows early warning signs of schizophrenia. Smith and Segal (n.d.) note that social withdrawal, hostility and suspiciousness, blank stares or expressions, and inappropriate social responses are all early signs of schizophrenia . Nina shows all of them. These traits can all be attributed to other disorders, however, combined with the presence of her hallucinations, delusions, and mannerisms Schizophrenia is a likely diagnosis. Beyond that, Nina can be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, a subtype of schizophrenia. According to the DSM-5, those with the paranoid type of schizophrenia have prominent delusions or auditory hallucinations. The delusions are typically persecutory or grandiose. The delusions and hallucinations are all typically linked with a common theme. Disorganized speech, flat or inappropriate affect, catatonic or disorganized behavior are not prominent symptoms. Nina has many prominent delusions and hallucinations, some of which include her auditory senses. Her delusions…

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