Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Bearing Arms '

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Bearing Arms
After the tragic event of Sandy Hook, the NRA’s executive vice president and CEO, Wayne LaPierre, responded with: "The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” (Moore). LaPierre’s statement foresees the future of educational faculty members becoming capable of protecting the well-being of themselves and students with an armed weapon. This weapon will be active when a threat is applied. To explain this threat, one must engage themselves to reflect on the events that diminished the pure light of the American dream. American has been built on the floor boards of protection and triumph. This protection is for the men and women who stand before the flag of independence. Then the triumph is to those who have corrected the corrupt evils upon the naked eye. LaPierre sees the evil in the school district attack, and seeks the triumph by protecting those he advises. The right to keep and bear arms is foretold in the 2nd amendment, an amendment that was declared in 1791 and remains true to this day (Concealed Guns 1). The average American citizen must start with the history and facts to see the idea right in front of you; school staff should have the capability of holding and controlling a gun in the classroom. Teachers and administrators in all fifty states should be trained and allowed to carry concealed weapons on school property.
A gun means many things to many people, but to most it means protection. “According to a 2001 study by the…

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