Analysis Of The Movie ' Baby Bat ' Essay

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Baby Bat

This weird looking little guy was found in 2010 after her mother dropped her mid-flight. She was immediately taken to the Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill in England. She was named Cruella and she was only a week old when they found her. They said that it was a challenge getting Cruella to eat and retain muscle composition. The baby bat gained attention because it looks almost exactly like a pissed off Gremlin from the classic 1984 horror movie of the same name. Nevertheless, this deformed little bat is still adorable. It’s an accomplishment really.

Baby Sloth

This little baby sloth’s name is Monster and she is a favorite at the sanctuary, Kids Saving the Rainforest. She is the favorite of the woman who runs the sanctuary because when she first came to the sanctuary Monster was completely inconsolable because she missed her mother and kept the shelter up all night with her screaming and crying. She was only two weeks old when she came in and she was found alone trying to cross the street. When the employees came in the next day, one person asked how the sloth was and she said that it was a monster. The sloth, despite the less than flattering first impression, is a very sweet animal. She has since been released into the wild and she is doing well.

Baby Elephant

In October of 2014, a baby elephant was rescued by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya. The received a report about a baby elephant that had fallen down a well in the Milgis…

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