Analysis Of The Movie ' August Heat ' Essay

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W.F. Harvey is well known for his ghost and horror stories. August Heat is a suspenseful short story about the fate of an artist and his untimely demise. This chilling short story was adapted to a comic strip by D.C. Comic. It was scripted by E. Nelson Bridwell and was drawn by Alfredo Alcala. I am going to compare and contrast the final scene of the story as depicted by Secrets of Sinister House #12 (July 1973) and the actual short story.

For the most part, the short story and comic are the same point of view. They are both journal entry’s told by Withencroft. But in the short story, you see more of Withencroft’s take on things because it is told in more detail than in the comic strip. In the comic strip however you get a feel for Atkinson’s character unlike the book. Both of the different medias are told as a time journal format as shown in the first sentence, “I have had what I believe to be the most remarkable day in my life, and while the events are still fresh in my mind, I wish to put them down on paper as clearly as possible. I am writing this at a shaky table before the open window.” This enhances curiosity because it makes it more mysterious. In the story you are reading in a first person’s point of view which puts emphasis on Withencroft. The comic twists it up a little. While the actual writing is being told in first person, it seems more like it is being told in third person because you can see both of them and it is not centered on one certain character.


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