Essay about Analysis Of ' The Movie ' Anastasia '

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Animated children movies are generally filled with numerous inequalities and stereotypes between both genders, so these ideas create a social structure of how men and women should act in a specific social class. A lot of times, these stereotypes are learned by children unconsciously watching the movie and it affects how they portray things in the world. The movie, Anastasia challenges many of the social norms and allows people to see that women can be independent and not rely on a man to save them in the end. This is evident by the fact that Anaya ventures to Paris to find her family and although she does receive help from a con man named Demetri, in the end she saves herself from the evil force against her.
As shown in the movie, Anaya is born into royalty. When she was young, a curse was put on her family, so she was unable to live her life as the daughter of the czar. Instead, she lived as an orphan with little recollection of her past, so she lost her identity and lacked a strong foundation of having a family. This causes her to learn to venge for herself. Since her social role changes over time, it allows her to go against the gender stereotypes and social norms of being a royal and focus on her need to be a part of a family. She also learns how to act like a normal partisan of society, instead of an elegant princess. Being that she was raised in a new environment, it allows her to change the way she views herself and as she grows up, she dresses in ratty clothes that…

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