Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' American Truck Driver '

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LOGLINE: American Truck driver Paul Conroy finds himself capsulized in a state of Claustrophobia and manic fear when faced with his impeding surroundings six feet under in a wooden box.

SYNOPSIS: Paul Conroy is a 35 year old truck driver in Iraq, but in this very moment, he is a man incased in a coffin struggle to both hold his sanity and find his way out of the dark, dank, depths of some unknown location in Iraq. Harnessing a lighter, phone, flask, a pen and pencil, and various other ineffective tools for someone stuck underground, Conroy’s connection to the world above isn’t secure in the least. Call after call, he begins to realize the severe inconvenience of his situation; not only is he stuck in this coffin, but he is stuck in this coffin in the middle of nowhere in Iraq. Even a call to the F.B.I. was proven to be useless. He is let down call after call, either reaching answering machines or getting tangled in circular conversations which do nothing but waste his oxygen and limit if few hours of survival. After a call from a man, Jabir (surname meaning ‘comforter’ in Arabic), he is faced with a ransom of five million dollars for his life. It is clear in this moment that this individual is partly responsible for his captivity.
Finally getting in contact with a familiar being – Donna - Conroy’s panicking gets the best of him pushing him to the point of surrender. Collecting himself, however, Conroy redials the number in order to further contact the United States…

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