Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper '

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American Sniper is a movie about love, family, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). The main character is named Chris Kyle and his wife is name Taya Kyle, they have two children together and live in Texas. This paper will include a movie review and discuss how the movie used interpersonal communication. When the movie first begins they take the audience back in time to when Chris Kyle was a little boy and he gets his first kill (a deer) in the woods. As the movie continues we see a fight break out with the younger brother getting beat up and he steps in. This is when he realizes that he is a “sheep dog” instead of a “sheep”. One night, in a bar, he meets a girl who becomes his wife. During their wedding their commander gets a call saying it is their turn to be deployed, this becomes his first tour. He serves four more tours and his wife gives birth to a boy and a girl. After the fifth tour, he finally gets help for his PTSD. Once he receives help he goes to the local VA to help with other marines and takes one new marine to the shooting range. However, the new marine kills Chris Kyle and his friend that were trying to help him. The movie then progresses to his funeral, which was at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, one last look at his coffin shows the multitudes of men that served under his command. In the scene at the beginning of the movie where Chris Kyle, his mother, his father, and his brother are attending church the audience can see a co-culture beginning to…

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