Essay Analysis Of The Movie ' American Sniper '

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“American Sniper” released in 2014, directed by Clint Eastwood, is a movie about Chris Kyle, portrayed by Bradley Cooper. Chris Kyle was a U.S NAVY SEAL officer, who took his post seriously and made it his sole job to protect his comrades. At first he dreamed of being a cowboy living in Texas, but he had to show his real talent. As he was growing up his father taught him to shoot a rifle and hunt deer. His life took another turn when he finds his then girlfriend sleeping in bed with another man, and after watching the news of the bombing attacks on US embassy in 1998; after that he decided he wanted to protect his country and enrolls in the US NAVY SEAL. After his training he was a sniper. Before he goes off to war, he marries a woman named Taya.
When he is deployed to Iraq, he kills the people who attached the U.S Marines, who were a woman and a child. Due to his kills he has made, Chris Kyle earned the name “Legend”. He became a protector for the country. One day he was going to hunt the leader of AL‘Qaeda, but ends up being pinned down by a Syrian man, named Mustafa who was an Olympic medalist. Afterwards he returns home to his wife and the birth of their son. Though Chris Kyle was home physically, but mentally he was still in war, and this would happen every time he returned home, he would have problems readjusting to his family, social life, and realizes that he can’t leave the war behind him.
When he took his fourth tour, he was told by his wife that she…

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