Analysis Of The Movie ' American Promise ' Essay

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American Promise (2013) tells the story of Idris and Seun, who are both African American boys. Both boys started out at the same school, but embark on different paths in life. Both Idris and Seun had been accepted into Dalton, which is a highly prestigious and almost exclusively white school, where a multitude of students go on to Ivy League colleges. Dalton is a school in the upper east side of Manhattan with exceedingly high standards and expectations of their students.
Idris and Seun had different backgrounds, which affected their academic success. Seun had a more difficult journey getting through school because of his struggles. Seun had received a diagnosis of dyslexia and left Dalton to enroll at a successful African American public school where he thrived until his brother passed away. Dealing with loss deteriorated his motivation to attend school and complete his work. Seun’s mother, an ER nurse with a second job and four children, was not able to provide as many resources for her son because of being a single parent.
However, Idris’s parents came from a more fortunate background. Idris has parents with exceptionally high expectations and are capable of providing sufficient financial support for their son 's needs. One parent was a Harvard and Stanford graduate and the other obtained a law degree from Columbia. Idris’ father 's held high expectations and would say Idris way lazy. Pressure at a young age can cause children to be stressed because they do not understand…

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