Analysis Of The Movie ' Amelia Didn 't Jump ' Essay

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Imagine getting a call in the middle of one of your most important meetings of your career, because your daughter, who has never done anything bad in her life, has been suspended for cheating on an English assignment. How would you react?
Of course you would be upset and have to leave your meeting and pick her up, you get there, and she is dead. A suicide. You can’t believe that she had killed herself. It’s just not like her; you no longer have a daughter, and how would you feel? How would you feel if you got a text from an anonymous number ☺, “Amelia didn’t jump” (McCreight 49) Just imagine. In the Kimberly McCreight’s novel, her two main characters (Kate and her daughter Amelia) tell the story through the past and the present. Kate is a single mom who is focused mainly on her job as a lawyer who had no intimation about what her daughter was going through, and Amelia, who is a good girl with a bunch of secrets. Amelia was dead, and Kate was determined to find out the truth about how she died, and who had killed her. Come to find out later that was all an awful accident, involving her best friend who had just found out that Amelia had Sylvia’s (now ex) boyfriend had taken the half naked pictures of Amelia, that were on the magpie’s blog, and things got out of hand. Sylvia had no intention of harming Amelia In any way, but she went ballistic, and found herself hanging onto Amelia, while Amelia was dangling by a thread on the edge of the school roof, and soon watching her…

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