Analysis Of The Movie ' A Walk At Remember ' By Nickolas Sparks

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A Walk to Remember
Landon Carter was a troubled teen that was heading nowhere fast. Jamie Sullivan was the type of person who liked being herself and didn’t care what anyone else thinks. She didn’t fit in with other kids and was misunderstood. They both had nothing in common and the saw the world both differently. But what Landon didn’t know was that Jamie would change him for the better. Landon was falling for Jamie and it scared her. Because she was falling in love with Landon too. So they took a risk on love. What they did know was that their lives would change forever.
A Walk to Remember was directed by Adam Shankman. This movie was based on a best seller novel written by Nickolas Sparks. The main actors are Mandy Moore (Jamie Sullivan), Shane West (Landon Carter), Daryl Hannah (Landon’s mother, Cynthia Carter), and Peter Coyote (Jamie’s father, Reverend Sullivan). A Walk to remember was released in 2002 on January 25th. This movie falls in two genres both drama and romance. Its rated PG and the length is an hour and 42 minutes long. This movie is about two teens that were put together after Landon got into some trouble by play a prank one of the kids at their high school. For punishment Landon had to do community service and tutor kids on the weekends where Jamie also tutored kids. Toward the end of Landon’s punishment, he had to play a part in the school’s play. As the days started to lead up to the opening night of the play Landon needs help to rehearse his…

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