Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' A Cinderella Story '

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Head rocking back and forth, legs in the air making a scissor like resemblance as they moved back and forth to the beat of the music. The lyrics running in and out as they pass through on the CD that was inserted into my (CD player at home). I could imagine her dance moves in my head as the words ran through. “Tell me, Tell me, Tell me, Something I don 't know, Something I don 't know, Something I don 't know” I sang along like I was facing millions of people at a concert and as if I were her, Selena Gomez. Since the very first time I watched “Another Cinderella story” i 've loved everything about her since. I bought like all of her CD’s from “Kiss and Tell” to “Club Remixes” and basically anything i could find for $10.00 or less at K-Mart. I never really realized how distinct K-Marts were until i never saw one other than the one in Leavenworth, Kansas which is the city i lived in. I was very shocked and frightened when i heard banging and screaming from upstairs. I thought it was just the kids pulling all the dishes out of the cabinets again. “I 'll be out in no more than 30 minutes bet!”
Mom barged into my room screaming to get up and back everything up now. We were only supposed to be living there for a month, but my mother always overstayed her welcome. We’d been couch hopping as they would say for about a month and a half before we moved in with my old daycare ladies best friend. Michelle was her name, very sweet and couldn 't stand to see a 10 year old, an 8 year…

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