Analysis Of The Movie ' A Better Life ' Essay

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Life Influences Everyone is born without an identity of who they are and it is slowly developed as we grow. From when we are born to grown adults we take in everything around us which molds and shapes into who we are. From everything in our lives we all have those couple of things which consider the biggest influences in our lives. Whether something as simple as a book, movie, family member, or a person we briefly knew that touched our lives like nothing else has. Personally a film and two people I have had in my life that influenced me and made me who I am today. I am not a huge movie fanatic but there is one film which was a small release one that really touched me like no other one has. The film “A Better Life” released in 2011 which the two lead actors consists of a father who separated from his wife along with his son. The father in the film is an illegal immigrant from Mexico who came to the country for a better life for his son. With the father the sole supporter of his son he struggles to provide for his son having no choice but to live in inner city Los Angeles an area plagued with drugs, gangs and violence. The film goes through a series of events win which the father puts everything on the line to earn a better living to move out of the area to provide a better environment for his son. His son unfortunately does not realize how fortunate he is to be in the country until his father has a run in with the law and is on the brink of deportation. This film is…

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