Analysis Of The Movie ' 8 Mile And Step Up ' Essay

777 Words Apr 25th, 2016 4 Pages
When the hip-hop era started back in 1970s in Bronx, New York, it was arguably predominately for African Americans. Now days, hip-hop are becoming more universal with different types of ethnicities. We see different types of ethnicities with hip-hop culture of graffiti, break dancing, and rapping. For example, the film 8 Mile and Step Up is about B-Rabbit and Tyler Gage who are both white pursuing hip-hop cultures such as break dancing and rapping. Both B-Rabbit and Tyler had struggles such as witnessing violence or crimes and being poor. Furthermore, they don’t receive the credit they deserved just because they are white; however, they both work extremely hard to be recognized by the people around them. Although B-Rabbit and Tyler are both white, they both have proven in the films that white can also accomplish what the African Americans can do with hip-hop culture with similar backgrounds and overcoming stereotypes and racial bias. Once again, hip-hop culture started in New York, had the culture of graffiti, break dancing, and rapping, and it was arguably predominately from working class African Americans. However, both B-Rabbit and Tyler are both white and they are also classified as working classmen. Rabbit lives in a trailer house with his mother and Tyler lives in the ghetto with his family. Furthermore, most of the time they are around African American environment. According to Jonah Hahn, he stated that, “white people feel disadvantaged when it comes to deserving…

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