Analysis Of The Movie ' 50 First Dates ' Characters Essay example

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The movie “50 First Dates” characters Lucy, Henry, Tom and Doug provide examples of psychological aspects within the film. Lucy and Tom experience a brain injury with a memory deficit, Henry has commitment phobia and Doug has a addiction problem. Henry Roth, a marine veterinarian at an aquarium, decides to pursue this girl named Lucy who got into a serious car accident even though he is not really looking for a long term relationship at the time. In result of the car accident, Lucy suffers from anterograde amnesia but in the movie it is called Goldfield Syndrome. Lucy is unable to make new memories, but the long term memories before her car accident remains intact.The accident damaged her temporal lobe or the more specific hippocampal region. Recent events that happen do not transfer over to long term memory(McLeod). She wakes up every morning thinking it is Sunday October 13, 2002. Every night all of the memories she made that day get erased. Henry, everyday, decides to make Lucy fall in love with him using a different tactic each time since she does not remember who he is. Henry maneuvers around Lucy’s brain injury in order to have a relationship with her even though he is not a committed person.Marlin and Doug tell Henry to stay away from Lucy, but Henry still defies them because he has fallen for her every single day. Henry deep down chose to believe that Lucy remembered him everyday even with her devastating memory deficit. Henry persistently tries to create a…

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