Analysis Of The Movie ' 1492 ' Conquest Of Paradise ' Essay example

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The movie 1492: Conquest of Paradise tells the story of Christopher Columbus and his journey to the west to discover the “New World”. It also gives us a look into the life that he lived as a father and a husband both before and after his many voyages across the Atlantic. An example of some of the more personal and relatable parts in the film include the many trials and errors that Columbus must go through in order to begin his journey. Although this film gives us as viewers a rough idea of the many important points and occurrences that lead up to the exploration of the New World, the film fails to retain some of the more significant events that were crucial to the story of Columbus’s exploration west The movie begins by showing us Columbus and his younger son Ferdinand Columbus sitting beside the ocean. This is used to show the viewer that Columbus can be relatable in that he is seen as a family man wanting to provide for himself and his family. Returning from this family outing, Columbus is then approached by a priest who gives him news that the counsel of the Universite De Salamanque has accepted his proposal to meet and discuss his journey to sail west. After his return home form the University as a laughing stock for believing God had sent him to undertake this journey, Columbus is then approached by a sailor named Martin Alonso Pinzon who thinks he can help him in funding his journey. The sailor explains to him that the banker who finances him…

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