Analysis Of The Movie ' 12 Angry Men ' Essay

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The movie "12 angry Men" is about a jury who has the responsibility to decide whether a teenage is guilty of premeditate murder. At the beginning of the movie, the Judge speaks out to the jury saying that they must come out with a unanimous decision and that the jury has a "grave responsibility" because if found guilty, the boy will be condemn to electric chair. During the jury deliberation, we can identify and address the six steps of the group problem solving process and leadership. This process is really important because coming out with the solution like this one requires a very detail and cautious process.
During the first scene, the Judge defines and stablishes the problem, which is clearly specified; determine whether the boy is guilty or not. Then, the jury is told to go to the deliberation room, where they have to analyze and interpret the evidence to come out with a fair verdict. To stablish the criteria for evaluating possible solutions, juror #1, who is in charge of the organization of the group, propose to either vote and discuss or discuss and then vote, so the others agree to vote because they are convinced they all have the same position. They are ready to vote, so the ones that think that are guilty are asked to raise their hands, and there were only 11 hands up, and one man against them. Juror #8 has a reasonable doubt that the boy is not guilty and now he has to expose his thoughts of why he thinks the boy is not guilty. He takes his chance of standing…

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