Analysis Of ' The Millers Tale ' Essay

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In “The Millers Tale” the audience is presented to one of the main characters Alison. Chaucer uses the expression in numerous ways to paint her descriptions. He provides physical illustrations for the readers to picture youthful women with primitive beauty. The writing skill he commonly put into practice is the use of simile. A young wife having two men dying to be with her, whose living with a controlling character. Chaucer illustrates the actions of a woman, which one can be ridiculed but also praised. Even though one receives in their favor by their immoral act it can cause a disastrous situation to the others whom helps to cause it.
Striking details and vivid images develop the portrait of Alison. Introducing her as a “youthful wife” of the carpenter shows her physical attributions and the clothing she had worn. He describes her appearance correlating to animals” a tender chicken” and “a calf” to make readers visualize a young girl, who is playful and likes to sing and dance. Chaucer describes her as having a seductive figure by comparing her body to a weasel to put emphasis on her slender body shape and her good looks. The correlations to a weasel also show that she is an untrustworthy sly girl, which was later exploited by her actions. The clothing and accessories she wore were implemented in the type of person she was. Chaucer makes recommendation to her “purse of leather” made with fine jewelry and” tasseled” with silk insinuating that Alison has married John for…

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