Essay about Analysis Of ' The Metamorphosis '

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You Cannot Have What Your Wish For
My paper is all about compare and contrast in two stories. My main theme is death. Death represent in Kafka “The Metamorphosis”, is hurt feeling from his family and other story death represent Herman Melvin “Bartleby the Scrivener”, is loneliness and alienation. Both character have really emotional ending. Death is not about only one person it’s all about physical attachment and how people treats to other. Both stories are really touching and emotional.
In the Metamorphosis Gregory Samor was a breadwinner. He always care about his family because his father was a retired man. Gregory is only one person who took care of all their expenses but when Gregory became insect his own family start hurt him. They even didn’t notice that they hurt own son. One day “when Gregory woke up in morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect”. He never though that one day he became some horrible insect. He was really hard working person and he never took day off from work when he became insect he was thinking about huts job and how do I get in train. His family is depend on him. When his family know that he is insect now then his father became so angry. Gregory father was retired man but when his father saw that Gregory is no longer human anymore he start taking care of them.
In this story death is all about the relationship. Death is not a small word. It has a lot of emotion attachment. The main reason…

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