What Is The Theme Of We Are The Root Of Our Problems By Kafka

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“We Are The Root of Our Problems” Understanding Kafka can be complex, however, the allegorical message in many of his stories is one of trust, and specifically how animals, or in this case, a parasite, can be a premier example of our own subjectivity. Kafka consistently uses a dull tone, and does not express emotion in many of his stories including “The Metamorphosis.” One of the common themes intertwined in Kafka 's stories is the idea of one human observing another, or an animal, rather than themselves, and attempting to judge their feelings although they cannot speak. He uses what one might say, a cryptic approach and his writing is difficult to analyze, which is why this paper is about understanding Kafka to the best of our ability. His writing, at many times, presents an observer or, observers who reflect on others. This motif is critical because of the importance that humans reflect …show more content…
the Emperor from his deathbed has sent a message to you alone (Message 4).” Kafka immediately addresses the reader, that someone is attempting to send a message to us, however, in my opinion, would we even trust this message if we were to receive it. Kafka continues to go on and say, “Nobody could fight his way through here even with a message from a dead man. But you sit at your window when evening falls and dream it to yourself (Message 5).” Kafka seems to be implying that although we may want to see the message, the trust in ourselves is limiting ourselves. That we let our subjectivity and imagination interfere with reality that we may never really know. When Gregor 's sister realizes that Gregor must go, she says, “The fact that we 've believed it for so long is the root off all our trouble (Metamorphosis 134).” At first sight, it may seem that Kafka is saying that Gregor is

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