Analysis Of The Meaning Of Marriage By Pastor Keller Essay

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Job 2:9
His wife said to him, “Are you still maintaining your integrity? Curse God and die!”
As you can see even those closest to a believer can be more like enemeies than family or friends when it comes to our relationship with God. Tonight we will dive into our identity as members of the Christian family. We also will see why having ourselves rooted in that identity gives us both the command to love those outside of that family, and the power to correctly do so.
In Pastor Timmothy Keller 's book, the meaning of Marriage, Pastor Keller says "Christian hope turns the church into something far more profound than a club or interest organization. Gospel beliefs and experience creates a bond between Christians that is stronger than any other connection, whether it be blood relationship or racial and national identity"
To paraphrase deeper into kellers thoughts, deeply repenting and benifiting from the grace given to us by Jesus on the cross transforms our core beliefs about ourselves and the world, and our new beliefs match up with other Christians. We still love our siblings, friends, and other memebers of our respective races who may not be Christian, but we no longer share in common our deepest instincts and beliefs about reality with those people. This means that we are christians before we are african americans, or koreans, or females, or males. We are Christiants before we are New Yorkers, or Georgians. We are christians before we are Ford 's or White 's. This doesn 't…

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