Essay about Analysis Of `` The Mark On The Wall ``

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Woolf was an author who used the style of stream of consciousness in her writing which is different from a normal monologue other authors use.“She abandoned linear narratives, in favor of interior monologues and stream of consciousness narration” (Norton 2144) What exactly is stream of consciousness? It is writing of thought and feelings behind it but random and Woolf’s writing in the Norton “The Mark On The Wall” in my opinion was very random considering the other novels she has written. She tells the stories how it happens to her and it comes all from feeling and uncut emotion, then organized.
Let’s begin with her story, “The Mark On The Wall”, since it was read in this class. She starts off talking about what she sees and uses a lot of imagery for the reader to visualize what she is seeing herself. “The steady film of yellow light upon the page of my book; the three chrysanthemums in the round glass bowl on the mantelpiece” ( Woolf 2145). Right here in the very beginning of the book she is reading, she starts to realize the things she sees around her and realizes what the date, time, and season is. Woolf’s stream of consciousness starts to kick in as the story begins. We see that Woolf uses a lot of imagery to think, say, or picture what she sees before her then she suddenly looks up and sees this mark on the wall and goes into deep thought of what it may be. Woolf was also very much descriptive in writing her stories. “How readily our thoughts swarm upon a new object,…

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