Essay Analysis Of ' The Maltese Falcon '

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Deception is when someone lies or hides the truth and makes people believe something different. It can be a very powerful thing that can many times cause somebody to get into serious trouble. There are many reasons as to what drives someone to deceive others. It could be that they want something so badly that they are willing to do anything to achieve it, often thinking that lying will make it easier to achieve their goals. Other times it doesn’t necessarily have to be to gain money or anything valuable, but simply to feel accepted by society. People could try to be someone they are not thinking they are lying to others, but in reality they are deceiving themselves. The reason being that they just don’t like who they are or fear them being judged by others. In The Maltese Falcon, mostly every character is deceptive at some point in the book, and they each have their own complex reasons as to why. We are first introduced to Brigid O’Shaughnessy as a Miss Wonderly going to see Spade for help to find a black bird that is worth a lot. She deceives him into thinking she is looking for her sister, but she must first talk to Floyd Thursby in order to see her. She asks Spade to follow Thursby and Miles Archer agrees to do the job, both thinking he would lead them to her supposed sister but really she’s hoping he would lead to where the bird was. By lying about it and not telling the seriousness of the situation, it was in part her fault that Archer died. Perhaps if she would have…

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