Analysis Of The Lyrics Express A Clear, Us Versus Them, Dichotomy, And The Music Video

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The lyrics express a clear “us versus them” dichotomy, and the music video further enables a response that is linked to the aggressive imperialist military status quo of many Americans, including a verse in which he sings " 'Cause we 'll put a boot in your ass; It 's the American way." Furthermore, with lyrics such as "My daddy served in the army; Where is lost his right eye; But he flew a flag out in our yard; Until the day that he died," Keith emphasizes his own family 's military tradition, which explains his aggressive standpoint after 9/11.
Studying zombie film and literature can aid in one’s understanding of international relations. Because nations exist in anarchy – the state is the highest level of authority – states amass power in order to be vigilant for oneself (McCulloch November 29, 2016). This, then, creates a situation in which war in likely to occur due to a heightened sense of paranoia and insecurity. (McCulloch November 29, 2016). Moreover, there is the question of, as an international society, if nations exist pluralistically; in this anarchy, nations are "not necessarily compatible with each other … [and] come together even with different interests in international relations" (McCulloch November 29, 2016). Conversely, others recognize that the international society is more socialist and pluralist, and that nations "can and do reach agreements" (McCulloch November 29, 2016), and agreed rules in place aid in incorporating increasingly international human…

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