Analysis Of ' The Lottery ' Essay

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There’s always going to be a time where you feel like you don’t fit in. There will also be a point in your life when someone tells you they don’t like you because they feel you have changed. It’s not a bad thing to change who you are, buy do it in a good way. Always change for the greater good. Never change for the worse. Make sure that your change won’t really change who you are. I believe that people should learn to change their ways in order to adapt to something new. Take my family for example. We had to change our lifestyle and our ways of doing things when we moved from LA to Anaheim. This experience for me really made me change my ways.

There’s a story called,”The Lottery”. It is a story, well, about a lottery. It contained a character, goes by the name of Tessie Hutchinson. She was the character in the story who thought “the lottery was unfair. Although she thought it was unfair, she was the one who ended up winning the lottery, but she was also hated by the village and she got hit with pebbles”(32). The same thing happened in my family, but in my family no one gets hit with pebbles. My aunt won the lottery once. Just like Tessie, everyone despised her. My aunt became such a show off. She thought that because she had money she was all that. It affected my family because we got various complaints about how she was always trying to 1-up everyone. It bugged us very much because we did not want people to be talking bad about our family. She finally came to her senses…

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