Analysis Of The Lottery And The Book ' The Lottery ' Essay

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The Lottery and The Destructors
Vanda V. McCray
Liberty University Online

“The Lottery” and “The Destructor” begin by telling the setting of each story. The purpose of the setting is to set the time and place in the story. It also plays a major role in the success of the story.
“The Lottery”-Shirley Jackson created a mood of happiness and peace at the beginning. For the readers, it created an image that it was just a regular warm summer day in a small town. Flowers were blooming and the people were just moving around as they normally did. It portrayed that it was around the time school was out, because it mentioned the children were out playing. When the time 10:00 a.m. arrived, all the folks begun to gather in the center of the town to begin the annual event called the lottery. By the middle, almost to the end, the story began to take a different form. Once the black box was mentioned it gave the reader a different feeling. A feeling of uncertainty and uneasiness that something was not just right. The ending of the story was an eye opener within itself. It ended with the suspense and murder by stoning a person to death. The main characters of the story was Mrs. Hutchinson-whom won the lottery and was stoned by the people to death. Old Man Warner was the oldest man in the town. He held the black box with the names that were drawn. Others included were children. Whom along with the adults, participated in the stoning. The reader’s mind set switched from believing…

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