Analysis Of ' The Lodger ' Essay

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He was known to be The most well-known director, by virtue of both His many thrillers and appearances on television In his own series from the mid-50’s through the early ‘60s. he was trained At a technical school, gravitated through art courses and advertising. by mid-’20s he was making his first film, his first major success was in 1926 with “the lodger”, a thriller based on jack the ripper. he was born in Leytonstone, Essex, england. he was the son of Emma Jane, and East End Greengrocer William Hitchcock. his mother died in 1942, and his father died in 1914. They were both half English and half Irish. he had two older siblings, William Hitchcock, Eileen Hitchcock. they were raised as strict Catholics, Hitch had a very much regular upbringing. his first job outside the family business was in 1915 as an estimator for the Henley Telegraph and cable company, he would frequently visit the cinema and read US trade journals that started his interest in movies. he started off drawing the sets, he was a very skilled artist. it was there that he met Alma Reville, they never really spoke to each other. in 1923, the director for “always tell your wife” fell ill and Hitchcock was named director to complete the film. his first real crack at filming from start to finish was in 1923 when he was hired to direct the film “number 13” though the production wasn 't complete due to the studio 's closure, Hitchcock didn 't give up then. he directed a film called “the pleasure garden” in 1925, a…

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