Analysis of the Little Mermaid Essay

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The Little Mermaid Analysis

The Little Mermaid is an example of how woman were seen in society. In the fairy tale, women are characterized by appearance rather than personality by both men and women. The little mermaid mentions “But if you take my voice, what shall I have left?” (Anderson 226). In this quote, the little mermaid believes that she cannot just be herself to win the prince’s heart. The prince also looks at women the same way because of how he talks to the little mermaid. He asks her, “You’ve no fear of the sea, have you, my dumb child?” (Anderson 229). He treats her as if she is still a small child just because she cannot speak. The tone helps shape the whole story into a feminist piece. Anderson relays the moral of
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Hearing and seeing are two of the senses that is imagery which is used to illustrate a woman's beauty. The prince was against the thought of marrying someone else that was not as pretty and did not have the same voice as the little mermaid had. This explains how bias the prince is. He only takes the best and will not even take someone who might not be as pretty, but has the kindest heart in the world. He mentions “you almost” which meant that the little mermaid was almost like her; the only difference was that she could not speak; but that was enough to stop the prince from marrying her. The little mermaid never got what she had wanted. Death was her fate in the end. She gives up saying, “She knew that this was the last evening she would see the Prince for whom she had turned her back on kindred and home, given up her beautiful voice, and every day suffered hours of agony without his suspecting a thing” (Anderson 231). The tone here also holds an importance because it illustrates how much she gave up for a prince who did not love her back the same way. In this quote, the little mermaid expresses her true feelings about the situation she has landed herself in. She was oblivious, unable to see past the prince’s beauty, and died in the end. Women do not understand how important they are; all they think about prettiness and men. The

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