Essay Analysis Of ' The Little Black Boy '

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Throughout the semester, we read Parker’s text who believes that “A center holds together the things that surround it. If readers find a center, then they can see how the center organizes the things around it into a secure, stable, unified system.” However, deconstructionists believe that the system cannot be secured or unified. A deconstructionist’s job is to weaken and take apart a text in a process called doubling reading. From Blake’s Poetry, the focus will be on doubling reading in the poem, The Little Black Boy. Along with double reading, close reading is another literary method that this research paper will focus on, as well. Close reading is paying attention to certain words in the poem. Words are that are being repeated, symbols, paradox, ambiguity and so on. The Little Black Boy will prove Parker wrong and that you can decenter and weaken a poem’s central meaning; that deconstructionists are right. Doing a closing reading along with doubling reading will prove that theory to be more true.
The central meaning in the poem, The Little Black Boy is about a black boy who tends to believe that white skin is better than black skin. He lives in the “southern wild” with his mother where he is not only learning about his identity but also one who doesn’t necessarily love the skin he is in. However, his mother tries to reassure him. The first binary opposite appears when he explains that his skin is black, but his soul is white, insinuating at the fact that maybe he wished…

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