Analysis Of The Landlady By Roald Dahl

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Tatianna Velilla December 1, 2015

The Landlady by Roald Dahl is about a guy named Mr. Weaver. Mr. Weaver ends up going to a boardinghouse that is owned by a weird and crazy lady. Nobody else had stayed at the women's boardinghouse for about three years, so Mr. Weaver was a bit suspicious about why. Mr. Weaver ends up getting sick and sweaty after drinking the tea and goes to his room but ends up having a surprise waiting for him. Roald Dahl makes the story very fore boating by making everything sound and feel real. Mr. Weaver was seventeen and was going to an office job the next day. When he went to the boardinghouse, the author says "it must have been at once because he hadn't even had time to take his finger off the bell button." (page 4, part 80) This explains how Mr. Weaver didn't comprehend how the landlady got to the door so fast. The author gave clues like this to how the landlady wasn't exactly on the right track in life. Mr. Weaver and the landlady are completely conversational in the beginning until Mr. Weaver notices things that just don't seem normal.
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Weaver signed the sheet for the Landlady but noticed names that sound familiar. When he sat down to drink the tea that the Landlady had made for him, he also noticed a weird taste that he's not really liking much. The author says "I stuff all my pets myself when they pass away." (lines 361–362) Mr. Weaver does not like the feeling of how she stuffs her animals after they pass away. He wanted to go to bed but the Landlady had insisted that he stay and listen to her while she talks about everything. Mr. Weaver didn't like the surprise that he got from the Landlady near the end of the story because of how it ends

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