Analysis Of The Land Ethic By Aldo Leopold

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a) After reading through the “Land Ethic”, by Aldo Leopold, multiple times I found that there were two main point that were Leopold stressed to his audience. The first point was, that we can not center our conservation efforts for the environment just around economic value. Leopold’s second point is that the land and the people must be connected and work together.
b) The first of Leopold’s main points is important because the fact we only conserve specific things that have economic value detrimentally hurts our environment. We only conserve things with economic value because people belief that they can live without the parts with zero economic value. This thought and or belief could not be more false. The second point that Leopold makes is important because of how essential it is toward the life of land and the life of people. Once people begin to realize that land and humanity must coexist, life begins to thrive, especially the environment.
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Society today seems to have become a lot more aware of the ethics of the environment instead of just focusing on the economic value. The opinion on the matter is still split and there is not a consensus of what should and needs to be done regarding the environment. There have even been instances where an environmentalist uses an economic argument for preservation. They would ecosystem services such as purification of water or less soil erosion helps the economy to thrive therefore it should be preserved. All in all, I do believe that our relationship with land has slightly changed over time and is going in the right

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