The Lady Or The Tiger Essay Conclusion

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The Lady or the Tiger. Imagine waking up and our government system was completely changed. we wouldn’t have a president, no federal state system. our law system didn’t even exist. In the short story The Lady or the Tiger we see a justice system that is like a death penalty but not as harsh because you get to choose between two doors that can either led you to being married on the spot or killed by a tiger. If you were to choose the door with the women behind it, you are instantly married and let off the hook of your criminal punishment and you can live out your life. This can be a good thing in a way, however if a government were to do this we would be just sending the criminals back into the city risking the chance for them to cause even more damage to the community. The Lady or the Tiger by Frank R. Stockton takes place in an olden age. A barbaric king rules over the kingdom and creates all the laws and rules. Instead of punishing by a court of law the king places the criminal into an arena. If you commit a crime you are placed into an arena face against a ferocious tiger. A young man who has been convicted place of a crime as challenge to love a king’s daughter. The suspect as to choose between two doors one with a fierce …show more content…
The story ends on a cliff hanger, leaving the reader to decide what happened in the end. Frank Stockton doesn’t tell us which door he picks in the end to make it us choose as if we were the young man risking his life for true love. He places himself in a tough situation. This is where we you decide did the lady or the tiger come out of the door. We don’t know which one he chooses but we can determine from small hits and clues of what he might have chosen. If you were the princess would you rather see your true love be killed in front of you or let him marry another

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