The Knight And Culverhouse Essay

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The Knight and Culverhouse Series is a popular series of crime thriller novels by American author Adam Croft. Even as Croft only started writing the first in the series of novels, Too Close for Comfort in 2010, 6 novels in the series were published in quick succession up to book 6. The series of novels have the fast pace and engrossing storylines and could be best compared to the works of Mark Edward, Stephen Leather, or Simon Kernick. The novels feature two protagonists Detective Sargent Wendy Knight and Detective Chief Inspector Jack Culverhouse. Over the course of the books, the two detectives are involved in the investigation of a series of bizarre murders that more or less look like serial killings. But what makes the Knight and Culverhouse …show more content…
Detective Sargent Wendy Knight is a newly promoted police officer who has the wits and expertise in doing her job and wants nothing more than respect from her colleagues and seniors. On his part, the older Detective Chief Inspector is the complete opposite being a misogynist, bully and dyed in the wool traditionalist that hardly follows any of the rules. The story is overall very well paced particularly when you take into consideration that not too many murders take place after the start of the investigations. Croft is very good at character development providing a very good background story of both protagonists. The desire by Knight to fight to the very end in seeking to solve murder mysteries and her attraction to the enigmatic Robert all stem from her previous life experiences. Likewise, the motivations of DCI Jack Culverhouse are easy to understand given his previous problems with his wife who left him. Nonetheless, the author finds a good balance between the two leads and even manages to make their conflicts nothing more than good-natured work place ribbing. The Knight and Culverhouse series is the book for the crime thriller fan that loves a story that has high levels of tension brought about by the unpredictability in the twists and turns and their

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