Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' Essay

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In The Kite Runner, Baba and Amir are very different when it comes to their mannerisms while dealing with situations. Baba is an extrovert and he faces situations head on, while Amir is an introvert and tries to avoid the problem until he has to face the consequences. That being said, all though they face situations differently their character always leads them to the same result, dishonesty. Both men hold the idea that lying is stealing someone 's right to the truth, but they are hypocritical in their thinking and lie to gain respect of their peers, out of fear from those they love and because they were never taught the importance of honesty as children. With this being said dishonesty among characters is a central theme of the plot that plays an important role in the overall theme of the story. Firstly, Baba was selfish in his actions that lead to Hassan being born and hiding the truth of his real father. “ Please think, Amir Jan. It was a shameful situation. People would talk. All that a man had back then, all that he was, was his honour, his name and if people talked . . . We couldn’t tell anyone, surely you can see that” (Hosseini 235). Baba was a well respected man in Afghan culture, he was of a high caste the son of a judge and a well respected businessman as an adult. With all of this on the line he was only protecting himself by asking Ali to raise Hassan as his own. He was also selfish in his lying by asking Rahim Khan to help him lie, he destroyed Rahim’s…

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