Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' Essay

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The Kite Runner demonstrates the impacts of friendship between characters by utilizing first person narrative to reminisce about the past. First, Hassan offers company and understanding, which successfully satisfy Amir’s needs. Amir’s desperation for Baba’s affection, however, results in the acts of betrayal of Hassan. Nevertheless, Rahim Khan’s role of being an intimate friend greatly contributes to Amir’s sense of self and identity, creating a chance for him to compensate for the unforgettable past. Hassan’s protection and respectful attitude towards Amir lead him to the sexual assault in the alley, inevitably, death for defending Baba’s mansion. Hassan protects Amir using the threat of slingshot as Assef attempts to hurt Amir on the way to the pomegranate tree:

“To an outsider, he didn’t look scared. But Hassan’s face was my earliest memory and I knew all of its subtle nuances, knew each and every twitch and flicker that ever rippled across it. And I saw that he was scared. He was scared plenty” (Hosseini 45).

Despite Hassan is fearful and “retreated behind me [Amir] as the three older boys closed in” (Hosseini 42), he nimbly gets his slingshot poised when the bully means to harm Amir. The Hazara boy’s instinct to bravely stand up for his best friend, rather than for himself, indicates how Amir has occupied the first place in Hassan’s heart; meanwhile, what Assef says, “I’m a very patient person, This doesn 't end today, believe me” (Hosseini 46), lurks the…

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