Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' Essays

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Hassan’s Courage In The Novel The Kite Runner
In life we are faced with many challenges and how we overcome the challenges is what makes us who we are. It is the courage that we display in the toughest of times that creates resilience. The Kite Runner’s character Hassan proves that despite your situation you can overcome it with courage. This factor of courage shaped Hassan into the person he is starting from a young age, into adulthood and passing on his courageousness to his son. In Hassan 's childhood he faces the challenges of discrimination, poverty and illiteracy. From an early age Hassan was discriminated against because of his ethnic background. Being a Hazara was not easy for Hassan. The kids in Kabul bullied him making fun of his facial features and his father.The resorted to calling him names such as “babalu” and “flat nosed” and “Hazara”. Despite the comments Hassan faced those bullies including his enemy, Assef. Although Hassan was scared of them he knew he had to take a stand for himself and Amir. (“I turned and came face to face with Hassan’s an outsider he didn 't look scared but Hassan 's face was my earliest memory and I knew all of it subtle nuances...And I saw that he was scared”(Hosseini 45). This quote by Amir proves that Hassan is courageous despite the fear he had towards the bullies. The second challenge Hassan was born into, is poverty. Living in a hut out back of a mansion working as a servant for his best friend is hard for…

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