Essay on Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner '

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In the two pieces of work Hamlet by Shakespeare and the kite runner by Khaled Hosseini there are two presented themes that are strongly enforced. In hamlet for example, one of the obvious themes was the desire of revenge as hamlet wanted to avenge his father 's death. Although on the other hand, in the book the kite runner, the main theme was redemption. This is seen through the main character Amir who needed redemption from his friend Hassan as he abandoned him in his time of need. The theme of these two stories are completely opposite, but with this being said there is one thing that they had in common. This was the desire each character had to get even with their past were they had been wronged, or where they had wronged someone. It is through these two stories that we can see human natures desire to get even from either the wrongs we or others have committed.
Thus the acts of both revenge and redemption are natural responses that show the want people have to get even with a past where they have either hurt someone or been hurt by someone. Throughout the story “The Kite Runner” it is mentioned over and over by Amir that he feels awful for betraying his best friend and is in desperate need of redemption. This redemptions he was seeking for was due the mistreatment he had brought upon Hassan, and furthermore for taking advantage of him. This is mainly seen through the incident in the ally way where Hasan was raped, and where Amir abandoned Hassan there. He mentions in the…

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