Analysis Of ' The Kite Runner ' And ' Oedipus Rex ' Essay

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“The Kite Runner” and “Oedipus Rex” are very different forms of fictional writing they are very similar in their own ways. Both works have many moments of irony and the main characters turn out to be lied to by their own parents or close family. The fact that the main characters are lied to and can be considered “betrayed” by their own parents or close family is what gives these two works of writing that irony. Both pieces of writing are similar in a way because although the pieces are writing are very different, the main characters get the truth revealed to them in a tragic way. Although the pieces of writing may be different but share the fact that they both have irony, you can pick out two moments in which anagnorisis is taken place, and both end up having a unique theme such as in “Oedipus Rex” the theme may be considered “power” and in “The Kite Runner” the theme may be considered “redemption”.
Oedipus Rex is a play that was full of irony within the text. A point of irony that stood out in the text was Oedipus was looking for the killer of Laius, but in reality it was Oedipus himself that killed him. “Your father slew his father; he ploughed his mother, where he himself was sown” (1518). He said he would set a curse on the killer and when he finds out that he 's the killer he can 't believe it. He did not know that Laius was his father and he really set a curse on himself.
The Kite Runner was very much like Oedipus Rex full of irony. The most ironic part of the story…

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