Analysis Of ' The Killings ' And Todd Fields Essay

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Andre Dubus “The Killings” and Todd Fields In the Bedroom present the theme of grief, revenge and how a good person can commit an evil act; through the different uses of characters, plot, and tone. There are very subtle changes between the story and the film adaption, with some parts of the film quoting the story word for word. While the director keeps the film in very close likeness to the story, there are subtle changes we can compare and contrast. Beginning with the characters, right away the narrator in the story introduces the grieving family of Frank Fowler. Matt and Ruth, the parents, and siblings Steve and Cathleen. The latter two were omitted from the film adaptation, due to them not having any appearances after the funeral in the story. We then get to know Richard Strout, as being a jealous ex-husband responsible for Frank’s death. Mary Ann Strout a young mother, and Richard’s Ex, whose involvement with Frank ultimately got him killed. Mary Ann is known as “Natalie” in the film adaptation. It is unclear why her name was changed, along with another main character “Willis Trottier” is “ Willis Grinnel” in the film. The characters and their likeness remain very similar if not exact when translated from the short story to film. Matt is the wise, loving, hard-working father. Ruth is the complex, perfectionist, traditional mother. Willis the loyal, trustworthy best friend to Matt and the Fowler family. Richard the angry, short tempered,cool-under-pressure murderer.…

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