Analysis Of The Jingle Bell Run

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Introduction: This semester in Public Relations Campaign we help a volunteer organization called the Arthritis Foundation; this is a foundation that helps people suffering from the horrible disease called Arthritis. Arthritis is normally thought of as an old man’s disease but when researching about the company I learned that it can affect anyone at any age. The project that we helped this organization on was called the Jingle Bell Run; this run is the main money maker for this organization and takes place in December.
Arthritis isn’t seen as a young man’s disease but it affects millions of children every day. The mission of the organization is to help as many people as they can have a successful life. It even has a special awareness
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People are more self-centered in this day and age, they don’t really think about anyone else. I think that people function without but that for the younger generation it is needed because it helps teach them lessons they will need later in life. My perspective on teamwork for this project didn’t really change. My perspective is that one person mainly does everything while everyone else stands back and watches. This was evident during class because Rachel did most the work for the class; she designed the poster, wrote down a list of spots from people’s homework, and was Arty the Elf for the parade. I feel that the work that I completed for the class did go the mission statement because we helped to get the word out there for an event that is meant to raise money to help people get better. I do however feel that there is more that we could have done besides go and do an event that was already planned out. I think it would be interesting if next time you did the parade event and then held a mixer or something after to help spread the word. I can’t give and accurate evaluation of the organization is hard to complete because we did not see them very much during the planning of the event. To correct this in the future there should be more than just two meetings with organization. In bigger cities this organization is allowed to do and raise more money it is easier for them to gain more support and followers but for the West Virginia organization because the state has so many people spread out over it, it makes it harder to reach people. When searching for how it has had a global impact I cannot find anything all I can find about this organization is that they raise money to just help people deal with this disease while trying to help find a

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