Essay about Analysis Of ' The Inspector ' By Lance Owens

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It is said that no two people are the same. That is why Isabel Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs, wanted individuals to grow up understanding and appreciating their individual differences in their personalities ("Isabel Briggs Myers.”). Through their efforts, following the principles of Carl Jung, they were able to develop sixteen types of personalities and a test that will allow you to see which personality you may have and why. After taking this test myself, I was able to see that I had the personality type of ISTJ, also known as “The Inspector”. In a book written by Lance Owens, it was stated that Carl Jung “pointed out that general attitude [personality] types are differentiated by their particular attitude towards an object or feeling.” Following the descriptions of what each personality trait meant, I was able to better understand what my attitudes are towards those objects and feelings. The first part of my personality deals my primary source of energy, which is introversion. According to the webpage About Health, an introvert is defined as “being focused more on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation.” This has been very true throughout my life. The more I think about it, the more I realize how much more focused I have been on my internal thoughts and feelings throughout life. Much more so than that of an extrovert, who would be considered a people person. Am I a people person? Sure, in some ways I would consider…

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