Analysis Of The Idol Of Jealousy

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Jesus, knew the appropriate use of Scripture. Jesus did not listen to Satan and did not turn a stone into bread. He did not turn stones to bread in the wilderness; nor is He turning stones into bread today. Jesus did not come into the world to win the world through bread or sensationalism/miracles. Jesus came into the world to win people to Himself by love. This requires that people want Jesus more than gain, more than miracles/sensationalism.
The third strand is seen in the great gap in the salaries of pastors in the Church. There are pastors who minister in large congregations and receive a large salary. There are also pastors who serve small churches and even in some denominations two or three small churches and receive smaller salaries. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is like the landowner who went out in the morning and hired workers for his field. He
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There, at the very entrance to the inner court, the place where God’s name and Glory dwelt, the first act of worship was to the Idol of Jealousy. The presence of the Idol of Jealousy at the very entrance to the inner court tells us that to the people of Israel, the uniqueness of God was lost. When the uniqueness of God is lost this opens the way to many other ways to God and the worship of other gods. When in the mind of people God is not unique but shares with others divinity, then, the Word of God no longer has any authority. No longer does thus says the Lord carry any weight whatsoever. A person who states thus says the Lord will then hear, but thus says Asherah. Who then will have the authority? Whose Word is now the final and only Word? Here we see

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